Mt d'Arbois - 19/02/20

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Mt Blanc Valley Weather - 3 Day Forecast

Resuming Azores high ridge, currently 1028hpa over Northwestern Alpine Range, is bumped again by polar air thalweg which will reach Tyrrhenian Sea by the middle of the day. Resulting cold front, currently Southern Sweden to Lyonnais Region, is expected to disintegrating later in the day. Until then, it will trigger snow shower above 700m, which is expected to ending in the first part of the afternoon. High pressure will be strengthening again thereafter, with the exception of slight and short fall during the night to Friday, thus ensuring fairly sunny and unseasonably mild weather until the very end of the week. Wind will often blow fairly strong high up until Friday, mainly northwest.
Gloomy and cold ‑ snow shower‑ very strong wind high up
SKY CONDITION : overcast or mostly cloudy, changeable ceiling 1200‑1600m ‑ fleeting sunny spells in the afternoon, more widespread in the evening. Period of sunshine close to 10%.
PRECIPITATION : frequent snow shower in the morning, becoming scattered in the afternoon, then ending before nightfall ‑ rain‑snow limit towards 700m, rising up towards 1100m in the afternoon ‑ expected snowfall towards 1800m: 10‑20cm, windblown.
WIND - ground level : SW light ‑> light to moderate ‑> variable light.
WIND - mid mountain : W moderate ‑> NW moderate to strong ‑> light to moderate.
WIND - high mountain : WNW strong ‑> NW severe gale ‑> strong.
TEMPERATURE : low ‑1C - high +2C.
ISOTHERM 0C : 1200 ‑> 1100 ‑> 1400 m.
ISOTHERM -10C : 2800 ‑> 2700 ‑> 2900 m.
ROAD CONDITION : ongoing light snowfall. (Wednesday.06:45).more
Clearing skies ‑ cold by dawn‑ strong wind high up, decreasing
SKY CONDITION : cloud layer breaks, allowing for widespread clear spells as of the middle of the night ‑ partly cloudy towards dawn, with some remaining cloud scarfs along the slopes.
WIND - aloft : NW strong ‑> moderate to strong.
TEMPERATURE : low ‑5C - temperature inversion toward 1400 m.
Fair weather ‑ mild in the afternoon‑ windy high up
SKY CONDITION : clear or partly cloudy ‑ some cirrus cloud crossing over. Period of sunshine close to 90%.
WIND - aloft : NW moderate to strong ‑> WNW moderate ‑> moderate to strong.
TEMPERATURE : low ‑6 C - high +10C - temperature inversion toward 1200 m early in the morning.
Fairly sunny ‑ cold in the morning‑ getting milder later ‑ decreasing wind
SKY CONDITION : cloudy to partly cloudy, then clear or partly cloudy ‑ somewhat thicker high cloud at times in the morning. Period of sunshine close to 80%.
WIND - aloft : NW strong ‑> NNW moderate.
TEMPERATURE : rising lows ‑ dropping highs.

Saturday: westerly pattern, moderate high up, driving cloud patches without precipitation in spring‑like atmosphere. Sunday: fair westerly weather, very mild in the afternoon ‑ however, wind increases to strong high up ‑ occasionally cloudy. Monday: fair weather ‑ maybe 15C in the valley.

Forecast reliability : fairly good until Thursday.