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St Gervais, Megeve, Chamonix Weather & Webcam

Detailed 3 day mountain weather forecast for the entire Mt Blanc valley area

Weather and Webcam (1800m) Updated daily.

megeve and st gervais webcam

TUESDAY APRIL 9, 2024 AT 11:40 AM



High 1032 hpa off Vigo associated with a ridge of high pressure of Saharan origin, expected from the Bay of Biscay to Germany on Wednesday. – Simultaneously, low-pressure system 998 over the Norwegian Sea, moving away towards the Arctic as it fills in, and satellite minimum 995 to the N of London within a trough extending to the S of the Pyrenees, this other (opposite) set also moving away NE. – The associated cold front affects the Alpine arc, where pressures [ Chamonix, 1017 – Sion, 1014 – Innsbruck, 1012 ] start to rise from the W. As a result, there will be almost continuous precipitation until next night, when the rain-snow limit could temporarily drop to around 1100-1200 m. – The weather will begin to improve on Wednesday, before four days of fine weather are very likely from Thursday to Sunday.


Disturbed – cold – fairly heavy precipitation at times, snow in the upper valley – gale force winds in the mountains

Cloudiness : overcast – ceiling lowering towards 1200 m – period of sunshine : 0%.

Continuous precipitation, temporarily quite heavy this morning – becoming scattered showers this afternoon – rain-snow limit around 1100 m at lowest – possible snowfall around 1800 m: 30-35 cm, worked by the wind

Winds according to altitude

in valleys: SW weak to very weak

mid-mountain: SW light or temporarily light moderate -> NW light

high mountains: SSW gale -> SSE moderate to strong

Valley temperatures :

min, +4°C

max, +7°C

Altitude of isotherms :

0°C, 1900 -> 1500 m

-10°C, 4200 -> 3700 m


Beginning of improvement at higher altitudes – persistence of scattered showers in valleys

Cloudiness: cloudy skies around 1300 m, but clear skies possible in the high mountains – iso 0°C temporarily falling around 1300 m

scattered showers during the first part, then isolated, with snow around 1200 m, mixed towards 1000 m – low quantity

Wind aloft: moderate to strong SSE -> weak to moderate E

Minimum valley temperature: +2°C


Unstable and cold sleet – flakes in the valley at dawn – breezes moving in from the E with clear spells in the afternoon

Cloudiness: overcast to very cloudy in the morning, ceiling around 1300 m – fleeting sunny spells in the afternoon – sunshine: 20%.

isolated showers still possible in the early morning – rain-snow limit around 1200-1300 m – dry in the afternoon

Wind aloft: E light to moderate -> NE moderate – temporarily moderate to strong in the evening

Valley temperatures :

min, +1°C

max, +8°C


Sunny – frosty breeze at dawn – marked easing in the afternoon

Cloud cover : clear or partly cloudy – a few cumulus clouds not impossible in mid-mountain areas in the afternoon – sunshine : 90%.

No precipitation

Wind aloft: variable and light

Valley temperatures: rising sharply


FRIDAY: moderate breezes, ensuring fairly sunny weather, just cool in the morning and barely warm in the afternoon.

SATURDAY: fine weather – cool in the early morning – warm in the afternoon

SUNDAY: uncertain – fine weather likely to continue, convection more marked than on the previous two days, forcing the development of cumulus clouds over the mountain ranges.

Forecast reliability: fairly good until Wednesday.

Live webcam is located at 1800m of altitude at the top of mt d’arbois in St Gervais / Megeve. The weather forecast applies to all mountain areas in the Mt Blanc valley; Chamonix skiing, Megeve Skiing, and St Gervais Skiing.

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