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St Gervais, Megeve, Chamonix Weather & Webcam

Detailed 3 day mountain weather forecast for the entire Mt Blanc valley area

Weather and Webcam (1800m) Updated daily.

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WEDNESDAY APRIL 17, 2024 AT 10:15



Following the passage of a cold front, a disturbed NW to N flow, fairly strong aloft, between the Atlantic anticyclone [ 1036 hpa ] off the WSW coast of Ireland, extended by a ridge of high pressure 1020 to the N of the Pyrenees, and a deep trough of polar air from the N of Scandinavia to the S of Italy [ 999 ] and the Peloponnese [ minimum “Gori” 999 ]. – Tightened wind gradient between Savoy and Piedmont, the moist polar air thus propelled was partly blocked against the N slopes of the Alpine arc, where the pressure field changed little [ Chamonix, 1013 – Sion, 1011 – Innsbruck, 1007 ]. – As this gradient eases, sleet will become less frequent by Thursday evening. – A nice, cold break on Friday morning…


Choppy winter sleet – snow showers – strong winds aloft

Cloudiness : very cloudy to temporarily cloudy – clearing likely, more frequent in midday, rather cloudy and fleeting – period of sunshine : 30%.

Light, scattered showers in the morning – probably dry by midday – picking up again in mid-afternoon and evening, locally moderate – rain-snow limit around 1100 m, falling towards 800-900 m in the evening – snowfall around 1200 m: 15-20 cm

Winds according to altitude

in valleys: prevailing SW, light or temporarily light to moderate

mid-mountain: moderate WNW – temporarily NW

high mountains: strong NW – temporarily strong with gale force winds

Valley temperatures :

min, 0°C

max, +4°C

Altitude of isotherms :

0°C, 1300 -> 1100 m

-10°C, 2700 m


Disturbed cooling accentuates – snow showers – strong winds in the mountains

Cloudiness : very cloudy to overcast – ceiling falling towards 1100-1200 m – iso 0°C temporarily falling towards 900 m

Showers, temporarily moderate in the first part of the night, then becoming scattered and weaker – rain-snow limit around 900 m, falling towards 700 m by daybreak – possible snowfall around 1200 m: 5-15 cm

Wind aloft: strong NW -> moderate to strong -> moderate WNW

Minimum valley temperature: -1°C


Snowy in the valley in the morning – very slight easing in the afternoon – clearing in the evening – windy in the mountains

Cloudiness: overcast in the early morning, low ceiling – then very cloudy, even cloudy with fleeting sunny spells in the evening – period of sunshine: 15%.

Showers – moderate in the morning, lighter in the afternoon and ceasing before dark – rain-snow limit rising towards 900 m – possible snowfall around 1200 m: 10-20 cm

Wind aloft: WNW -> moderate W -> weak N -> weak to moderate NE

Valley temperatures :

min, -2°C

max, +3°C


Beautiful, very cold clearing in the morning – resumption of instability with heavy showers in the late afternoon

Cloudiness : clear or partly cloudy until mid-morning – becoming cloudy by mid-day and overcast in the evening – period of sunshine : 35%.

Locally quite heavy showers from 17:00 or 18:00 – rain-snow limit around 1500 m

Wind aloft: strong NNW -> NW gale force

Valley temperatures: falling


SATURDAY: timid morning improvement after overnight showers [ snow at 1200 m ] – nice clearing mid-day – fairly strong convection and cumulus development with risk of afternoon showers – rain-snow limit around 1100 m – strong mountain breeze – strong gale overnight

SUNDAY: uncertain – cloudy passages from the N – risk of showers, rain-snow limit around 1500 m – strong mountain breeze

MONDAY: very uncertain – clearing in the morning, then very cloudy with risk of showers, rain-snow limit around 1500 m .

Forecast reliability: fairly good until Wednesday morning – poor thereafter.

Live webcam is located at 1800m of altitude at the top of mt d’arbois in St Gervais / Megeve. The weather forecast applies to all mountain areas in the Mt Blanc valley; Chamonix skiing, Megeve Skiing, and St Gervais Skiing.

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