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St Gervais, Megeve, Chamonix Weather & Webcam

Detailed 3 day mountain weather forecast for the entire Mt Blanc valley area

Weather and Webcam (1800m) Updated daily.

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FRIDAY MARCH1, 2024 AT 10:00 AM



Powerful low-pressure system, main minimum 978 hpa in the Norwegian Sea and secondary minimum 985 hpa in the Irish Sea, extended by a trough to the Mediterranean, where pressures are falling, close to 1000 from the Gulf of Genoa to the Sicilian Channel, with a downward repercussion over the Alps [ Chamonix, 1009 – Sion, 1008 – Innsbruck, 1006 ]. – This descent of maritime polar air is producing the precipitation that reached our region in the second half of the night, and which should cease by mid-day or early afternoon. – Refocusing on the English Channel on Saturday, and pushing the Azores anticyclone back to the W, this increasingly extensive low-pressure area is set to produce further deterioration: föhn from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning, then fairly sustained snowfall on Sunday afternoon, with the rainfall limit then dropping below 1000 m.


Gloomy – precipitation easing this morning – seasonal temperatures this afternoon

Cloudiness: overcast early morning, becoming very cloudy – fleeting sunny spells unlikely, but not impossible in the second half of the afternoon – sunshine: 5%.

Residual precipitation becoming scattered this morning, temporarily snow towards Le Tour – ceasing in the first part of the afternoon – since the start of the episode: 10-15 cm of heavy snow towards 1500-1600 m

Winds according to altitude

in valleys: calm or very light SW

mid-mountain: prevailing light W – temporarily variable very light or calm

high mountains: moderate SE -> weak to moderate SW – temporarily weak

Valley temperatures :

min, +2°C

max, +4°C

Altitude of isotherms :

0°C, 1600 -> 1900 m

-10°C, 3500 m


Improvement – probably clear skies and cold snap at dawn – windy at higher altitudes

Cloudiness: very cloudy to overcast until around midnight – then mostly clear – iso 0°C around 1900 m

Probably no precipitation

Wind aloft: prevailing SW – light to moderate – temporarily moderate, even moderate to strong towards the NW of the area

Minimum valley temperature: -3°C


Fair morning clearing – frosty dawn – becoming almost mild with föhn, and often very cloudy

Cloud cover: clear or partly cloudy in the early morning – becoming very cloudy in the middle of the day, with clouds overhanging the high mountains to the S – sunshine: 40%.

No precipitation in the valley – windy snowfall along the border ridge in the afternoon in the massifs

Wind aloft: SW moderate -> SSW moderate to strong -> S strong to gale-force in the evening – – In the valley: föhn rises in the middle of the day and can become strong in the evening and the following night.

Valley temperatures :

min, -3°C

max, +10°C


Bad weather – föhn ends before dawn, then continuous snowfall – strong gale in the mountains

Cloudiness : very cloudy to overcast, ceiling likely to be around 1300-1400 m – period of sunshine : 0%.

Precipitation spilling over from the S during the morning, locally quite heavy in the second half of the afternoon – rain-snow limit falling towards 900 m in the evening – possible snowfall around 1300 m: 25-35 cm

Wind aloft: S -> SE strong to gale-force -> moderate to strong – – In the valley: föhn still noticeable at daybreak – falling rapidly

Valley temperatures: falling sharply


MONDAY: uncertain – the disturbance evacuates to the SE before dawn – frosty morning – slight easing in the sun on the adrets in the afternoon – the flow is temporarily breezy

TUESDAY: very uncertain – disturbed passage from the W, again – variable with snow showers around 1300 m (±10 cm) – the flow veers SW then NW quite strong in the mountains

WEDNESDAY: very uncertain – persistence of strong instability in the wake of Tuesday’s disturbance – heavy showers possible, with snow towards Argentière and Le Tour.

Forecast reliability: fairly good until Saturday evening. – poor for the rest

Live webcam is located at 1800m of altitude at the top of mt d’arbois in St Gervais / Megeve. The weather forecast applies to all mountain areas in the Mt Blanc valley; Chamonix skiing, Megeve Skiing, and St Gervais Skiing.

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