family skiing advice

Family Skiing Advice

Choosing the Type of Lessons; First you need to decide what is going to be the best option for your whole family. Please consider your children's age/s, motivation and agility (just as for adults) when considering whether to go for Private Ski Lessons, or groups (available on peak holiday weeks).

When kids come to our group lessons or private lessons we ask that you provide them with all the items from the following list with.

  • Goggles & sunglasses
  • Sun cream (factor 30+)
  • hat / gloves
  • Snack (cereal bar)
  • money for a hot drink stop (min 5 Euro)
  • Tissues
Starting your kids early, opens a world of adventure, fun, laughter and beautiful scenery unsurpassed, from many other sports and interests. It's a tremendous feeling to learn that your kids' fondest childhood memories were of your family ski holidays and now skiing has become an important element in their lives. Your kids will be forever grateful to you when they become adults! If your child has any medical or physical needs please let the instructor know at the beginning of the first lesson (or by contacting the BASS Megeve office beforehand) so that we can ensure to make the lesson as appropriate for them as possible.

Ski resorts are of course at a higher altitude than you are used to, this has some effects on your body while in resort. You may suffer from dehydration more easily so drink plenty of fluids (non alcoholic!) to reduce risk of headache and tiredness through the day (especially in the morning!).

Be as FIT AS YOU CAN BE for your holiday and you will be able to squeeze more out of it. Skiing is quite a demanding sport, and there is nothing worse than sore muscles on what should be a holiday! When possible before your holiday exercise as much as you can, walk or cycle instead of taking the car, go swimming or something STEADY to build a little bit of base level aerobic fitness. This will help your body to become more efficient at caring vital oxygen to your muscles.

On top of this we would recommend that you visit the gym and gain some strength and stability (the best way would be to seek the advice from the personal trainer team to design a program to prepare you for skiing and suited to your level of fitness) An other way to gain some strength and stability is to join a Pilates class - this is an excellent way to build up some core strength and stability that really will benefit you skiing.

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