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Megeve, St Gervais, & Les Contamines Ski Lesson Meeting Points & Piste Map

Ski Area Map

Here is our handy google resort map for St Gervais, Megeve, and Les Contamines. Enable location services on your phone and use it as a GPS piste map to guide you around the ski area, restaurants, and our lesson meeting points. Alternatively if you are looking for our Chamonix map click through to our meeting point piste map of Chamonix.

Hint: click on the icons to see its details, phone numbers, and directions.

Megeve & St Gervais Ski Areas – Freedom Snowsports Meeting Points

At the centre of the Evasion ski area is Megeve. The Evasion ski area is comprised of 3 main areas; Megeve, St Gervais, and Les Contamines. We explain some of the details about each of the ski areas in the map above (click on the icons), and also below in plain text.

Read the ski area guides below

Rochebrune Ski Area

Suitable for beginner skiers to advanced skiers

Rochebrune can be reached skiing from the centre of Megeve by ‘Le Chamois’ telecabine. Which takes you from the town of Megeve to a half way station. This half way station also connects to the Mt d’Arbois ski area by a cable car called the ‘Rocharbois’. This half way station is at the bottom of the Rochebrune ski area. And is where one of the well established beginner’s areas can be found. From this half way station the next lift upward is the ‘Caboche’ telecabine. Which takes you to the top of the Rochebrune ski area.

The Rochebrune ski area has some fantastic skiing with lots of motorway Piste. As well as tree lined Pistes with plenty of choice, from cruising green runs, interesting blue runs, to more challenging red runs. It is possible to ski from Rochebrune to Cote 2000. Which has some great off Piste skiing and more challenging terrain. If you are skiing from Rochebrune to Cote 2000, be aware that there is a strong drag lift involved. Consequently getting there can be busy in the late morning. For other ways to get to Cote 2000, check out the description further below.

Freedom Snowsports Meeting Points


Is situated at the top of ‘Le Chamois’ telecabine (from the centre of megeve), and bottom of the ‘Caboche’ telecabine. This is the halfway station with a red rubber carpet on the floor. We meet by the giant Piste map to the right of the turnstiles.


We meet the very bottom of the Rochebrune ski area there is the ‘Rochbrune’ cable car. And the ‘Petit Rochebrune’ chairlift. We meet on the snow at the bottom of the stairs under the cable car.

Best Place to eat:

Les Terrasses du maz – Up the stairs to the far left hand side of the halfway station meeting area.
Tel: +3345O214591

Mt d’Arbois & St Gervais

Beginner – Expert

Mt d’Arbois is the largest ski area in Megeve and St Gervais, it caters for every skier with plenty of choice. And it connects seamlessly to the other areas of Megeve, St Gervais, St Nicolas de Veroce, Mt Joux, and Mt Joly. You can also access Les Contamines by skiing backcountry over the top of Mt Joly on one of our alpine touring sessions.

Mt d’Arbois has everything to choose from; it starts with a vast beginner’s area and goes up into fantastic terrain both on and off Piste. There is a lot of variety at each level. From green to black terrain, with tree-lined runs on the princess side. Then motorway Pistes on the St Gervais and Mt d’Arbois main area. Followed by moving up into steeper terrain on Mt Joux and Mt Joly. If you want steeper or more off Piste and freeride terrain, then Mt Joly and its couloirs are the choice for you. (‘See you there!’)

Getting to Mont d’Arbois

From Megeve

You can take any bus from Megeve displaying either ‘Mt d’Arbois’ or ‘Cote 2000’. They go every 20 mins during the main season. You can view the Megeve bus timetable here.

Alternatively if you are staying closer to Rochebrune you can take the Rocharbois lift across the valley from the half way station of ‘Le Chamois’ and ‘Caboche’ transporting you over to the Mt d’Arbois ski area.

From St Gervais

You can take the ‘St Gervais-Bettex’ telecabine to the half way station. From there take the next telecabine straight up (the ‘Bettex-Arbois’). This will take you to the top of the Mt d’Arbois ski area.

Freedom Snowsports Meeting Points


We meet at the ‘club house’ at the bottom of the ‘Mt d’Arbois’ telecabine. From the telecabine, go outside on to the snow. Just under the telecabine to left is the ‘Club House’, we meet by the ski racks.


Our skiing in St Gervais meets at the mid station of the ‘Bettex’ telecabines, just outside on the snow.

Best Places to eat

Les Mandarines – 400m descent on the green ‘mandarines’ piste, from the top of the Mt d’Arbois telecabine (Which passes directly over the restaurant, so you’ll see it.)
Tel: +3345O213127

Woody’s – This restaurant is at the half way station of the Princess telecabine.
Tel:+33 4 50 98 09 80

Les Contamines

Beginner – Expert

Les Contamines offers the highest elevation skiing of the evasion domain. Consequently there is very little gladed skiing (tree lined). So in bad weather the ‘white out’ conditions really will take their toll. However, when the weather is good the skiing in Les Contamines has everything, for everyone. And there are some fantastic off piste routes with all aspects accessible. So even in the spring time, high quality snow conditions can be found all day long.

Freedom Snowsports Meeting Points


We meet at the mid station at the bottom of the ‘Signal’ telecabine, just down the ramp outside on the snow.

Cote 2000

Intermediate – Expert

Cote 2000 is north facing bowl so it stays cold, but the snow here usually stays in great condition for longer. This area has some challenging runs, and a few cruising pistes. There are some great stashes for off Piste skiing to be had here.

To get to Cote 2000

Take the bus from town displaying ‘Cote 2000′. These buses go every 20 mins during the main season. You can view the Megeve bus timetable here.

Alternatively you can ski to Cote 2000 from the Rochebrune ski area.

Best Place to eat

Le Radaz – At the bottom of the Cote 2000 Chairlift continue straight on and cross over the Piste. Continue traversing and the Radaz restaurant is straight in front of you. One the best restaurants on the mountain!!
Tel: +3345O589444

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