Glen Plake Podcast – Legend!

Glen Plake comes on for the third and final part of his conversation with host Mike Powell.

The two talk about the dawn of snowboarding and how it was pitted against skiing as a marketing ploy, but in the beginning, it was all about just being in the mountains and being creative.

Glen Plake Part three Show Notes:

1:00: The beginning of snowboarding and how Plake was involved

7:25: Skiing and how they use athletes

9:49: The old guard of skiing

11:26: Hotel and Resort Ski Areas

12:40: How Plake’s skiing has evolved

21:50: Down Home Tour

25:30: The promotional machine of Plake

29:23: The Guatemalan Persuader

38:15: Rory Silva

Skiing The Mer de Glace Ice Caves

Here it is! an extract of BACKYARDS PROJECT, a freeski movie of Sam FAVRET. Skiing in and around the ice caves of the Mer de Glace, in the heart of the Mont Blanc Massif.

Early Opening in Chamonix

Early opening for ski season 2016/17

Being on the receiving end of a massive dump last Friday the 11th of November. And again yesterday Saturday 19th November. Things are looking good in the Mt Blanc valley. Saturday 19th November saw the opening of the Grand Montets ski area. Being among the first resorts in the European Alps to start ski season 2016/17. There is some great skiing to be had in the Mt Blanc Valley for this time of year! Have a look at the photos from today. (Sunday 20th November)


Get a Mt Blanc Unlimited Pass

With a Mt Blanc Unlimited ski pass all of our usual areas are covered (Megeve, St Gervais, Les Contamines). But also included on the ski pass is access to all of Chamonix, Cormayeur, and Verbier. For more information visit

Happy Winter Everyone.

Full Time & Part Time Instructors Needed!!

We need you!

Full Time Instructors

Enjoy freedom to work over a large ski area outside of the normal “resort bubble” environment. Megeve, St Gervais, Les Contamines and Chamonix.

Working with approximately 80% private lessons, and 20% group lessons, instructors work with a broad range of abilities from beginner to pro. Instructors enjoy the benefit of strong rates of pay, along with lower living costs in quality apartments.

If you would like to work with freedom in a supportive and cohesive team get in touch with a covering letter to introduce yourself including a brief summary of your experience?

Full Time Applicant Requirements:

  • Carte Pro OR eligible qualification to apply for carte pro (BASI Level 4 or equivalent)
  • Well organised
  • Own transport preferred / alternatively instructors will need to organise their own logistics (i.e. Apartment at lift station)

Part Time Instructors

During main holiday weeks (Christmas, New Year, Feb Half Term, and Easter) we are looking for part time instructors that have availability on ANY of those weeks.

Part time positions will work with a 50/50 mix of group lessons and private lessons that span a range of abilities from beginner to advanced recreational skier.

Instructors will enjoy the benefit of strong rates of pay, accommodation arrangements, airport transfers, and in resort transportation where required. If you would like to work with a supportive and cohesive team. Please get in touch with a covering letter to introduce yourself and include a brief summary of your experience.

Part Time Applicant Requirements:

  • Carte Pro OR eligible qualification to apply for carte pro (BASI Level 4 or equivalent)
  • Well organised

Skiing Powder – What a beautiful day

Wonderful powder and selecting some safe terrain to ski means it was a beautiful day of skiing powder for us, and our wonderful clients.

With conditions and stability the way it is at the moment, if you’re not certain you’re making safe decisions off piste, speak to us; learn and develop your skills so you can stay safe and enjoy the amazing powder out there.

Huge Avalanche in Switzerland

With lots of snowfall following the bizarre weather patterns in the alps, snow stability is, and will continue to be a topic to carefully monitor. A massive avalanche near the road in Randa, between Visp and Zermatt was filmed. Also another filmed in the Savoie village of Bessans. None of these caused damage or injury, but the current instability of snow and the scale of some recent avalanche is sobering.

Of course we should still be out there enjoying the powder, skiing off piste, and enjoying the freedom of the mountains. But doing it in a way that considers and chooses SAFE terrain to ski, and practices SAFE skiing. If you don’t know 100% how to do that, how to select terrain methodically, and how to gather appropriate information to make safe decisions, then hire a professional to teach you (plus they will take responsibility in keeping you safe). The more you learn and develop, the safer you will be.

Opening Day Megeve, St Gervais, Contamines

Saturday 19th December and its public opening day in Megeve, St Gervais, and Les Contamines.

It is such a relief to see how hard the resorts of Megeve, St Gervais, and Les Contamines have worked on snow making. While the snow conditions are very firm, thankfully the pistes are in good condition to ski. Have a look at the photos from this morning’s sessions to give you an idea of what the snow conditions look like at the moment.

You can also check current weather, snow conditions, and opening in Megeve, St Gervais, and Les Contamines directly on our website. The page image is a live feed from the top of Mt d’Arbois with date and time so you can always see conditions for yourself. There is a live weather forecast for our resorts, and of course, our news feed. go to

Best Skiing Ever

Best Skiing Ever
Best Skiing Ever – Megeve, St Gervais, Contamines

We asked a few of you, what were the top three things that make the best skiing holiday? Here is the verdict:

  • Your Availability – Of course we’re going to put that first 😉
  1. More Confidence in my skiing
  2. Good Choice of Skiing for everyone / Keeping everyone happy.
  3. Snow Conditions

Ok so we really can help with every single one of those things – I know you are probably thinking how are we going to help snow conditions, well I’ll get to that.

  1. Confidence – If you understand what, why, and how to perform specific actions of your skis,  you are more likely to trust your own judgements, and actions. Guess what, if you trust your own judgments and actions, your confidence will grow too. So what is at the root of this; understanding what, why, and how to perform specific actions of your skis. Get those lessons booked in and we will help you achieve all of those goals.
  2. Good Choice of skiing for everyone – Well yes, of course, keeping every level of ability happy is a challenge, but in our resorts (Megeve, St Gervais, and Les Contamines). We have over 477Km of skiing with broad progressive choices of terrain to keep everyone happy. If you want to find it all, we know every nook and cranny.
  3. Snow Conditions – We cant change what mother natures delivers, but we can take you straight to the best of it. Sun, wind, temperature, humidity, slope aspect, and time of day, all affect the quality of snow differently. We pride our selves in being expertly aware on a day to day basis of how these variables affect technique, enjoyment, and safety. We can ensure that you ski the very best of it.
skiing in megeve, st gervais, les contamines
some great skiing in megeve, st gervais, les contamines

Megeve & St Gervais Lift Pass Now Includes Chamonix

megeve st gervais mt blanc unlimited lift pass
Mont Blanc Unlimited Lift pass! Covering Megeve, St Gervais, Les Contamines, Chamonix, Cormayeur


Enjoy total freedom with the Mont Blanc Unlimited pass this winter. With just 1 package the pass includes 3 countries to combine the legendary Domaine Evasion Mont Blanc (Megeve, St Gervais, Les Contamines), the whole Chamonix Valley, Courmayeur, Funivie Monte Bianco, and Verbier 4 Vallées (conditions apply).

With such a HUGE choice of terrain why would you ski anywhere else.

Find out more at

5 Tricks to Better Skiing

5 Tricks to Better Skiing
5 Tricks to Better Skiing

1) Book a lesson, 2) Book a lesson – ok just kidding, so really, 5 tips to better skiing!

  1. Posture and Balance are KEY to everything.
  2. Choose the right kit for the terrain YOU ski.
  3. Keep your self fit.
  4. Book a lesson.
  5. Jot a few things down.
  1. Posture and Balance are KEY to everything. Ok so we hear it all the time, but if we are standing in an in-effective position we are likely to be out of balance or become out of balance very quickly, and in all of these situations our bodies are mechanically less able to produce the movements we would like (no matter how hard we try).
  2. Choose the right kit for the terrain YOU ski. Just because the latest trends are all about fat rocker skis (haha), doesnt mean that is what YOU should ride. Think about where you ski, the type of snow, and type of terrain you are usually on.
    Think about it, driving down the motorway in a Land Rover Defender with mud tyres on is not the most comfortable ride is it?
  3. Keep your self fit. Yes it is an obvious one. Its not that you need to be an athlete, but if after your first day back on the slopes, you body is still feeling fresh and able, you will get so much more from your holiday. General cardiovascular exercise is great, but not that relevant to skiing. Skiing requires a great deal of anaerobic power, and not that much aerobic capacity. So what does that mean? Get stronger!
  4. Book a lesson, ah yes, book a lesson. Speak to us, and get your lessons organised early. you will be amazing at how quickly you get back on your game and move past it. If you save this until later on, you are only stopping your progress. The better you get, the more of the mountain you can enjoy. Simple.
  5. We all forget, so just jot a couple of things from your sessions that worked well for you. Put that piece of paper your boot bag, or jacket pocket (as long as its not going through the wash of course). Then when you come back to the snow, its right there to have a quick reminder on your own personal progress.